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Your Excuses Suck

It may be rough to hear, but all your excuses are bullshit.  Excuses shouldn’t be a crutch that you use to forever be a reason that you can’t achieve something. If you make an excuse, it should only be a temporary thing. Letting excuses become habitual just makes you the source of your problems. 

Not working out for one day because you got off work late and you have to be back at work early in the morning is a reasonable excuse. But then you go the next day. If you look back a year later and you haven’t reached any of your fitness goals and you say that your excuse is because you work too much, that’s an entirely different case.

Not putting that savings into the bank this month because you need new tires is a reasonable excuse. But you continue with your savings the next month. If you look back a year later and have no money saved and you claim that you don’t make enough money to be able to start a savings, that’s an entirely different case.

Excuses are not crutches that you can blame for never doing shit with your life. It is far easier to make excuses than it is to put in work and accomplish something, which is why everyone nowadays has an excuse for everything.  Sitting at home watching Netflix is more enjoyable to most people than researching ways to advance in your career or spending some time on a treadmill.

We all put off so many things and make reasons that we then put effort into justifying. If you tell yourself a lie long enough it’ll become truth in your mind. The simple fact is, if you want something, you can get it. There are successful people who have become titans of their industry and they came from nothing. There are professional runners who are missing legs.

In life you have hunger and you have excuses. If you’re hungry enough to achieve a goal, then you will find a way. I know you’ve heard it before, but anything in life is possible. If you’re saying it’s not, then you just haven’t tried hard enough to find a way.

So, take a moment to really think about your life and the things you want or wanted to accomplish. Think about your excuses and reasons that stopped you from achieving your goals. Be honest with yourself and imagine the possibility that maybe you can reach your goals and the real reason you haven’t is because you’ve been too weak to do so.  Life isn’t going to hand you success, it’ll give you the tools to get it yourself if you look hard enough. So go out there, get hungry for success, stop making excuses and go dominate your life!

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