Personal Development

Focus On Yourself

Most people in life spend too much time focusing on helping other people. Whether it be a troubled family member you’re constantly going out of your way to help or just a friend who seems to only be concerned with telling you about their problems in life, we seem to put a lot of our focus on other peoples problems and not our own.

I’m not trying to tell you that you need to cut out everyone close in your life, but you may need to start considering some of your relationships. Surround yourself with people who can offer you something. It doesn’t have to be anything monetary, but surround yourself with good people.

Find friends who share similar interests with you who you can bounce ideas off of. Find mentors who are successful in your field who you can learn from. Join social groups or even online forums dedicated to topics that interest you. Being around and talking to like minded individuals can really take you to new levels in areas of your life.

You don’t need people in your life who seem to always be asking you for help. The same thought process goes to helping people overcoming addictions. If you’re a struggling heroin addict, you getting clean and hanging out with your old group of friends who are all using heroin is only going to drag you back down with them. We are who we surround ourselves with.

If you have friends or even family members who are dragging you down, cut your ties and move on. It sounds like a harsh thing to do and it may be hard for a while, but being around negativity is only going to make your life more negative.

It’s not hard nowadays, especially with the resources we have online, to find groups and meet new people. Everything that you do in life needs to be a step to improving yourself. Getting around the right group of people can help improve your life in many ways.

I talk to people nearly everyday who find themselves in situations they don’t want to be in due to other people in their life. If you get caught riding in a vehicle with someone who has drugs on them, you’re getting charged with that too. Everyone of them I talk to says that they know they shouldn’t be with that person anymore as they do nothing but make their life more difficult.

You shouldn’t put yourself through these things because you’re worried about upsetting someone else. You need your close friends and family and people to support you in life, but beyond that, it’s all about you. It’s a cold truth, but no one is capable of doing anything for you. If you want something, you have to be the one to go out and get it. No one can work your job for you or change your mentality for you.

Start cutting out the negatives in your life and realize your potential. Toxic relationships do nothing but bring you down and hold you back from achieving success. Put your energy and focus in yourself, in all aspects, and worry about becoming the best you possible.

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