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A Letter To You

letter 2

Write yourself a letter. Think about some goals you want to accomplish and write them down. They can be goals revolving around money or items or goals about improvements you want to make to yourself. But write them down.

It’s easy to talk and say you’re going to do something, but there’s no real way to hold yourself accountable that way. A big help to that may be vocalizing your goals to people who are close to you. Tell your friends or family your plan to lose those 15 pounds in the next three months and you’ll be a lot more likely to follow through with it. It’s not a good feeling to share those ambitions with someone only to have them ask you “What happened?”  a few months down the line when you didn’t hold through.

Having close people around you to help you on your journey, whatever it may be, is a blessing that surpasses almost anything else. Nothing compares with the support and help from people you love. But, you should also be focused on becoming a determined person who can hold yourself accountable. After all, no one has the ability to make you who you want to be besides yourself.

So write yourself a letter. Figure out the time period you want to achieve a certain goal or goals in and write yourself a letter describing what you will accomplish and how those accomplishments will make you feel.

It can be as simple as you wanting to read a certain amount of books in the next six months. You could want to make new friends or rekindle relationships with distanced friends or family. Maybe you want to buy a new car before the year is over. You could want to finish school and get a job making a certain salary within the next two years.

Figure out whatever time frame you need and write it all down. Be sure to really focus on the emotions accomplishing that goal will make you feel. If you can express the excitement and joy down on paper, then every time you read it you’ll think about that and want to experience all of that and it’ll drive you more.

Once you write this letter put it somewhere where you’ll see it regularly. Maybe tape it to a mirror or set it on the stand next to your bed. Make it somewhere where you’ll be able to read it every day. Then make it a point at some time in your daily routine to read that letter and spend those few minutes focused on your goals and thinking about what you can do that day to help you get there.

Sometimes we set goals and achieve them, but depending on the time and how small the goal was, we never give ourselves praise for it. Having a letter that you’ve read every single day for weeks or even years will keep all of those emotions in your head on a regular basis and you’ll be more likely to understand how great of an accomplishment it actually is when you reach that goal. You can look back to when you wrote that letter and you’ll be forced to remember how excited you were about it and how much it really meant to you at one time. Then you’ll have no choice to be happy and feel proud. If we don’t feel a sense of pride and accomplishment after checking off a goal or task then we won’t be motivated to do more. You need to always remember why you set a goal in the first place and be able to realize the good it’s done for you.

If you save these letters they can also be a big help to reflect upon and realize how far you’ve come. If I ever feel like I’m not where I want to be or I feel down about something, I think back to an earlier point in my life and realize all that I’ve done and gained in between that time. Whether it be a newer car and a higher paying job or just nicer furniture, I can look around at any point and realize that I am improving my life, one small step at a time.

So go ahead and set yourself some goals and write that letter. Use it to keep yourself held accountable and really try to relive those good feelings and positive thoughts every day when you read it back to yourself. The more you do that, the more you’re going to naturally start moving the pieces around in life to get you to your destination.

letter 1

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