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Overcoming Yourself

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I believe one of the biggest obstacles we all face on a daily basis is ourselves. It’s so easy to get caught up in why you can’t or shouldn’t do something instead of just going out and doing it. When it comes to success and being who we want to be, we become our worst enemy. Think about this: if you completely invested yourself in every dream or goal you’ve ever had without thinking of all the consequences or reasons not to, would you be more successful in life than you are now?

I’m not saying go out and quit your job today because you want to be an astronaut or anything. I’m just trying to get you to think about some opportunities you may have passed by because you talked yourself out of something before even attempting it. I know so many people who struggle with bettering themselves and their lives. The worst part is, 9/10 times their excuses don’t make any sense.

“I want to work out but don’t have any time.” You ask what they did yesterday after work and they spent four hours watching Netflix. “I want a new car but can’t afford the car payments.” You ask where the majority of their money goes and it’s $6 cappuccinos every morning and eating out twice a day. “I want to get promoted at work but management doesn’t like me.” You notice the six social media updates they’ve posted while they were supposed to be working.

If you want something, you can find a way to get it. The journey may not be short or easy, but there is a path to your destination. The good news is; most of us are average people with relatively average goals. Hitting the gym a few times a week, eating cleaner, saving more money, these are all reasonable goals.

One strategy I started using that really helped me is instead of adding up all the negatives on something happening in the future, I picture what would have happened if I started that particular goal a year ago.

Even most small goals and life changes take time, and that makes them very unappealing. We all want a big savings, but putting $10 into your savings takes a long time to add up. It may be months before you see progress from working out consistently. We want immediate results nowadays with everything that we do. That’s partly our fault and partly medias fault for advertising everything as a “get it now,” scheme.

But imagine if you started saving $10 a paycheck a year ago. Getting paid every two weeks, you’d have almost $300 in savings by now. And I can almost guarantee that as you started seeing that number rise, you’d put more and more into it every paycheck, so you’d probably have far more than that. If you had starting working out a few times a week a year ago, would your body look better than it does today?

It’s so easy to think about how long something will take and be turned off by the idea. But doing nothing definitely isn’t going to help you achieve anything. Find whatever goal it is you’ve been putting off and imagine where you’d be with it if you began the process a year ago. Now imagine if you started now where you’d be in a year from today. Stop putting things off because they’re hard. Invest the time and put in the effort to better yourself. Once you start becoming closer to the person you want to be and start checking off your goals, you’ll notice everything else will start to fall into place effortlessly.

Let me know about some of your goals and ideas you have for your future!

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