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Start a Hobby For Yourself, Then Use it to Make Money!

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Every person I’ve met in life has a hobby. Your personal hobby may not be something that you’re good at yet, or maybe you haven’t even really discovered what it is. But there has to be something in life that you enjoy doing. Hobbies are something that we can all do for ourselves that are meant to bring us a little happiness. So if you feel like you’re missing something in your life or you have some extra time during your weeks you’d like to fill, starting a new hobby can be a very rewarding journey.

Starting a new hobby can seem like a daunting task at times, no matter what your passion may be you can be sure to find people doing it professionally and earning a living off of it. Painting is one of my biggest passions and I was so nervous for so many years to start because I thought I’d never create a painting worthwhile compared to all of the great artists already out there. I’ve completed dozens of paintings now, and though I don’t think any of them are worthy of being hung up in a museum, they’ve still made me happy. I realized that I wasn’t trying to compete with all of the famous artists, I just wanted a small escape from reality. So I finally picked up a brush and went at it, and I’m so glad that I did. Painting did create the escape I was looking for. I completely lose myself in my work when I’m painting, there’s no worrying about bills or work, it’s just me and a canvas. It takes all of my focus and that’s a very rare thing nowadays. More than that, I’ve hung a few of them up around my home and it’s such a rewarding feeling when friends or family come over and compliment my work. I’ve even had people offer to buy my paintings who have come to see them, which is definitely an awesome feeling!

A lot of push back I get from people involving their hobbies is that they can’t afford it. Obviously depending on your passion, a hobby can become a very expensive pass time. I have friends who love skydiving and do it multiple times a month. Buying or renting all of that equipment, paying for airfares and safety classes can really add up, but they’ve found a way to make it work. One of them has started saving up a small amount from every paycheck and he uses that specifically as a skydiving fund. Your start up prices may be a lot cheaper than you think they are. When I started painting I bought all professional quality paints, brushes and canvases, and that really added up. I could have easily bought store brand items from any craft store and saved a ton of money, especially since the first few paintings were basically just figuring out how all the different mediums and styles worked together. I’ve known people who love photography and instead of putting it off because they couldn’t afford a professional camera, they just used their phones and a free editing software to start taking pictures. Most smartphone cameras are good enough nowadays to take really professional looking pictures by themselves. If you’re interested in learning to play the piano, you could buy a cheap keyboard and a book on learning keys. You don’t have to go all out and buy the best of the best with a new hobby. A short internet search can help you find the most affordable route to starting almost any hobby. Everyone wants to save money, so you’ll have no problem with finding cheap ways to accomplish new tasks.

Once you start a hobby and find yourself loving it, possibly even finding yourself getting good at it, you may start to wonder why you shouldn’t be making money off of your products like so many others are. There are endless avenues you can take to generate a second income now. I suggest with this you should keep with the same mindset you used for starting your hobby, don’t go too big too quick! Don’t spend a fortune on starting up a website and paying for Facebook advertising to start selling your product. Find a smaller free or cheap way to test the waters. If you have anything involving a craft, such as making jewelry, painting or making soap, you can offer your products on websites like or for little to no cost. A lot of websites like these and similar to these don’t charge you much, if at all, until you actually sell one of your products. If you’re a photographer you can use a website like to set up your own little store with prints or services to sell. If you make music you can start a account and put your music out there for people to enjoy. Maybe you like telling jokes and want to make people laugh, you can start a channel for free and start getting people to watch your videos right away. The great thing about social media nowadays is that you can easily become your own marketing manager. Whatever option you choose, you can quickly starting branding yourself by posting on your Facebook or Instagram to get your family and friends involved. After that you can start adding and communicating with like minded individuals to really start generating some traffic to your accounts.

You can find websites to sell your creations or services for almost any hobby you can think of. Whatever it is you love doing, someone out there is willing to pay for it. You may not get rich right away, or ever, but that’s okay. Hobbies are for you! But if you can use some of these services and ideas to even sell enough of your work to just cover the costs that you spend on your passion, that alone is a satisfying feeling. Imagine making enough money on the side doing what you love that it becomes completely free for you. You can’t tell me that doesn’t sound appealing.

So whether you already have a hobby and are wanting more motivation, or you’re just wanting to start one up, I say go for it! Hobbies are meant for us. Do what makes you happy, lose yourself in it and you won’t look back.

Let me know about your hobbies or any questions you have about generating an income with your specific product!hobby 1

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