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An Average Life

If you’re anything like me, life can seem a bit much at times. There’s so much pressure to be this awesome, successful person, and that pressure never seems to ease up. It may be hard to feel confident about yourself and to set out accomplishing new tasks, especially when you’re comparing yourself to every self proclaimed millionaire and entrepreneur you see every time you log on to your social media.

Perhaps you aren’t where you want to be in life. Maybe you’ve looked back and realized that time has slipped by your grasp. You thought you’d have a nicer car by now, or own a house. Maybe you want a higher income than you currently have. Whatever your goals may be, you have to realize that you have the capability to change things in your life. More importantly than that, you should understand that you are living a good life. Often times nowadays we crave the future and things we don’t have and look past all of the great accomplishments that we have already made.

Maybe it turns out you’re a pretty average person, and that’s okay. Things could be going a lot worse for you, couldn’t they? I’m not in love with my job, I’m not wealthy, I don’t have my dream car. These things used to bother me quite a bit until I took a minute to stop and appreciate everything that I do have. Doing that feels a lot better than spending time longing about what you could have done differently. Every decision you’ve made and everything that’s happened to you has been for a reason. Maybe you’re exactly where you need to be in life.

Try this: instead of comparing yourself to every wealthy CFO or Instagram model, compare yourself to people who are in worse situations than yourself. No matter what you do, someone out there has it worse than you do. Your reality is someone’s dream. That’s a powerful thing to think about. Somewhere out there, someone is fantasizing about living the life you have and owning the items you have. So, instead of being upset about what you don’t have, be proud of thankful of what you do have. Embrace being average!

Even if you can accept your life now, I’m sure there are still improvements you want to make. That’s a good thing! But the way you go about it can be the difference between becoming disappointed in yourself again and actually becoming who you want to be. Instead of trying to become perfect all at once, begin by setting small, easy to accomplish short term goals.

Spending some time and even money investing in yourself is the greatest thing you can do. But you don’t have to change everything all at once. If you’re wanting more money, maybe start by getting a second job. Or by trying to monetize a hobby that you love. If you’re wanting to look better at the beach in the summer, maybe you could start by preparing healthier meals at home instead of stopping for fast food. Maybe applying for student loans to go to college and get a degree could start you on the right path to get that career you’re wanting. There are endless small tasks you can start checking off and changes you can start to make to your life. You don’t need to be the best person out there, just start working on becoming the best you that you can be!success




5 thoughts on “An Average Life”

  1. Noah, enjoyed reading your post. There were lots of good ideas to try and improve the everyday task of living in a society that expects so much. If we don’t compare ourselves to others do we have a measuring stick to evaluate ourselves?? When do children learn and how do they learn to be satisfied with who they are in a world of other children smarter, taller, cuter or athletic?? Where does the responsibility fall? Where are the examples of people being satisfied with being average?

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    1. Thank you so much for commenting! I’m not saying don’t compare yourself to others at all, I’m simply suggesting don’t try to compare yourself to ultra wealth or successful people while you’re just starting out in your career or field. I touch more on that in a later post of mine.
      I think there are many examples of average people being happy. Average doesn’t necessarily mean anything bad. You can drive down any average suburban neighborhood and find families out playing at a park, tending to their yards, laughing around a grill. There are many examples of happy people wherever you look.
      So I’m not stating that you should never compare yourself, because as you said how would we then measure our own success. I’m just saying find people closer to your actual current level and move up the ranks that way. It wouldn’t make sense for a new salesman to compare his income to Warren Buffett’s, but it seems that’s what many people do nowadays.


      1. So does being happy with average just push us into a comfort zone of procrastination and loss of desire to strive for a higher level of “happy”? Is there an excuse that can be found in this thinking about being average? What if our inventors thought this way?


      2. I’ve never said that we should be average and be comfortable where we are in life and never try and progress. The whole point of this blog is to help people become better at being themselves. Meaning have goals and role models and inspiration, but all in all, you should focus on bettering yourself. If you’re competing with yourself and working on constantly improving, you’ll become that successful person you inspire to be just by doing that. This blog is all about acceptance and progression, not about falling into a comfort zone. That’s why I still gave tips on improving yourself in this post, and my other posts have been about improving yourself entirely.


  2. Thank you for your thoughts on setting goals, being grateful and trying to stay motivated in the unpredictable world we live in now. I appreciate people like you who try to see the positive things in our everyday lives to be happy about and enjoy in the moment. I think we should set goals and strive to be the best we can be during our time on earth to leave it better for our children and our fellow human beings. A life without goals is like a trip without the GPS!! But of course there are those detours? “Smile” Good luck to you!


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